God’s Waiting Room

Dementia affects over 36 million people worldwide. It does not change who the individual living with it is. However, it changes the roles we as caregivers must play. Caretakers attending to the needs of dementia patients not only endure the constant changing personalities and behaviors, but they also are personally affected emotionally.

Discover with Jessi Steele, long term health care administrator, the hallways of Shady Grove Residential Dementia Care facility and experience first hand how dementia not only affects the residents but the caretakers as well.

God’s Waiting Room also provides a glimpse of the challenges long-term health care providers face and provides insight to those who may one day consider a long-term health care facility for a loved one. The stories in this book are true, although names have been change to protect the privacy of the residents, the staff, and the administrator. Some of the stories are humorous, some are action packed and exciting, while others are heartbreaking. The important thing to remember while reading this book is to know that a diagnosis of dementia does not change whom the person is, rather it changes how we as caregivers and family cope with and adjust to the needs of the individual.

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