Got People?

I think I have discovered what is wrong with the human race. Be warned though, this may turn into one of my much needed rants! Before I take off with my ramble, remember I have dedicated my entire career to serving those in long term care facilities……I started at the bottom of the ” peon” list and worked my way up the food chain until finally landing the title of ” Administrator”. I have cleaned floors, washed dishes, scrubbed windows, washed and folded resident laundry,served plates in the dining room at meal time and plunged clogged toilets… name it, I probably have done it. I have walked on the roof of a 4 story building to hang Christmas lights, fell off of a 7 foot ladder while handing wreaths on windows, stood in knee deep sewage and sang along with the residents while playing the piano. I have had employees threaten to kill me; had a disgruntled”gang” of employees waiting for me in the parking lot; broke up a fist fight between a contractor and his employees and stood face to face with psycho/drug addicted employee who didn’t take too kindly to being fired…….Yep, I would say I have seen pretty much everything in the 25 years I have devoted to this profession.

This week, I was sweeping and mopping throughout the facility since the housekeeper decided to call in sick. As I was moving about, a visitor stopped me and asked, “Don’t you have people to do that?”
Hmmmm. Out of all the things, he could have said, why did he choose those words?

I smiled at him and replied, ” Look at the shine on that floor, doesn’t it look nice?”

” Well yeah, but why do you have do it? I’m sure you have people to do it, right? It doesn’t look good to see the boss-lady out here mopping. ” No he didn’t.

Before I could stop myself……my mouth opened and words formed and flew out……

” You know Mr. Rogers, that’s whats wrong with people today. People worry about how things look to others instead of focusing on what needs to be done and just doing it. We worry about offending someone with our actions when we know what we are doing is right. Just look at our Country. Prayer in school offends, so we take it out. The Ten Commandments offend in our government buildings, so we take them down. People prefer to sit and home and draw welfare instead of working for a living because they are “entitled”. Kids can’t say the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of school, but they can do a word search puzzle based on the trashy book 50 Shades…….Our President called Air Force One his “spiffy ride” while servicemen and women lay their lives down for the very freedom he pokes fun at…..Those people in front of me at the grocery store with the high dollar steaks don’t have to embarrass themselves by tearing the food stamp coupons out of the booklet, they now have a debit card so they don’t have to feel ” ashamed”….. So you see Mr. Rogers, I don’t give a rats rip about how it looks for me to be mopping a floor.”

With that, Mr. Rogers nodded and walked away. But come on, he knew what I was saying was the utmost truth. We live in society that has diminished work ethics, morals and values. Everyone has a sense of entitlement.

I was driving through the streets of DC this past week and noticed groups of young people who should have been in school, yet they were shooting hoops at a brand new community ” youth park”, proudly displaying their Air Jordan shoes. While sitting at a red light, I couldn’t help but notice the tent sitting in the median, obviously belonging to a homeless person. The cardboard sign displayed on the tent read ” Disabled Veteran”. Let me get this straight. The government felt if the youth had a ” park” with skateboard ramps, basketball and tennis courts, they would not join gangs of find trouble. Here is my thought. If parents would raise their own children and stop relying on the system to raise them, we wouldn’t need ” parks” to entertain them. They would be respectable young people showing respect for themselves and for others. If they didn’t, they would be punished….simple as that. The money the government spent on that ” park” could have been used for housing for the veterans that live on the street. But wait, that wouldn’t look too good, would it? We have to invest in the youth, since they are our future and besides they are entitled to it, right? All I can say is, Lord have mercy on us all.

We need to return to the nation that we once were. A Nation of People that lead by example.
We work for what we have. We take pride in our work. A society that helps those who fall on harm times to get back on their feet, but not allowing the person to prop their feet up! A society who stands for the very things this Nation was founded on….If you don’t like prayer in schools, go back to your own country and pray to whoever it is that you serve, but leave us out of it. If the Ten Commandments offend you, locate the border of this great Country and step outside of it. If you can’t control your child, jerk a knot in his bellbottoms until he learns manners and respect and stop blaming others for your own lack of parenting skills.

You see, the problem is not our Nation, but the people we have living in it. We need to simply do what we know is right, and stopping worrying about offending someone. PERIOD.

So Mr. Rogers, to answer your question, yes, I do ” have people” to do this job, but I choose to lead by example…….


5 thoughts on “Got People?

  1. Woah, Jessi. That is intense. The way I see the situation you had with Mr Rogers is a case where the people in your care or command, either work “under you” (his perspective) or “alongside you,” (your perspective). The biggest challenge is getting people see the other side of the coin. It mostly likely can be achieved through a series of videos that discusses and showcases the value of a small deed out of the ordinary, making a big difference.

    Thanks for voicing your concerns.


  2. We… my husband and I have said to each other almost everything you covered…. We voice sometimes what we feel to others we know, but I don’t know why it is… it feels like there’s not a thing we can do about it. We say, well vote for the person who feels a lot the same.. Why is it that doesn’t even feel like a solution anymore as there are too many politically correct issues … and ‘voters’ who want the politically correct ‘way that it is’…. I don’t ever want to feel defeatist… so I guess we do what we can…say what we say.. and do a whole lot of praying!…. Diane

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  3. I have noticed how many people these days, especially kids, that feel entitled. Like we owe them something and they shouldn’t have to work for anything. This is not how I was raised. I agree with much of what you said here. I get the frustration.

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  4. Some have not the courage to speak, and yet your words come from deep within! I am inspired by its spiritual radiance. Never change, always be yourself…speak your mind…some will hear and begin to understand the truth locked in your words and maybe blossom from the seeds they will plant in their hearts and minds! Delightful message. God bless!

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