Passwords and Promises

This morning I attempted to check my email. The password police continually told me I was incorrect with what I knew was correct. After five attempts,they locked me out of my own email!!! Where are these secret password keeper people and how do they do that? ” Try again later”, the little prompter- cyber -thingy said, very candidly. Later? Try later? Oh boy.

I know the past few blogs have shown my stress level which seems to have skyrocketed through the roof, atmosphere and stratosphere….let’s just say it is way up there. I also know that worry and anxiety do not define the person I am…..Situations may drive me to become short tempered, anxious and overall a grouch, but I refuse to allow myself to become defined by circumstance.
Something as simple as a wrong password should not cause anyone to become ballistic, right? I typed, re-typed and tried again. Nope. Epic fail. Finally I conceded the point and decided to make a new one…..
As I sat, thinking about 8 characters, 1 letter, and a ! point to use, I decided that I would make the password something positive.. Something that would change my thoughts by having to type it 50 times a day… My password would force my mind to rest and to reaffirm the positive in my life. Something like Godsperfectpeace4me or Peacebestill4me or Blessedarethepeacemakers1 or BestillandKnow2………
The old saying ” You are what you eat”? Well, I am subscribing to the theory of becoming what I speak. It may seem simple, maybe too simple, but I will use each password to prompt myself to trust in God, to be calm and be at peace. promise2
God has given us so much to be thankful for, but at times, we become so burdened by the dynamics of life, that we forget the simple pleasures around us. People spend millions of dollars each year on “stress relief”, “meditation” and “self-discovery”, when really all they need to do is find peace within themselves, by changing how they allow themselves to think. If you always see the glass as half empty, it will never be full. The thoughts we think, WILL define us, IF we allow them to.
Now, each time I sign on to my computer, I will be forced to remember a promise given by God; the promise of peace, joy and of rest.peace1


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