Got Company?

Back in ” the day”, people didn’t really use expressions such as “chillin with my peeps” or “hanging out with my friends”…back then people had “company” over. Company. Interesting word to describe guests that have come over to visit..,…One of the definitions of “company” is:

“the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.” **

So let me get this straight. Houseguests, aka. “company” is a fact or condition of being.  Being.You know, maybe that is why we use the slang terms of “peeps, hangin’,chillin and rocking it”….we are now a generation that no longer has the condition of being. Look at us…cell phones glues to the left hand, ipad in the right hand, google glasses covering the eyes and blue tooth in the ear…….We are busy tweeting, friending,unfriending, pinning and unpinning, posting, unposting and re-posting that we do not have time to suffer from the condition of “being” anything but busy. We may have 28,000 Twitter followers and 1000 FB and not have a single instance of having “company”. Hmmmmm.

This morning one of my residents at the dementia facility was telling me all about how her husband and his brother was over at the facility last night for the party. She went into great detail about the food that was served, the music that was played and the bitter-sweet wine she sipped. 

” Art danced beautifully, careful to not step on my good shoes at all. Oh how he hates to dance, but he knows how much I enjoy a twirl across the dance-floor. Bill, Sarah ,Daisy and Emma Marie were there too. We had the biggest time. Afterwards we play euchre until almost 10 oclock! Imagine how tired we must all be today.”

I sat, listening intently to her as she shared her story. I saw the sparkle in her eyes, the smile on her face and heard the excitement in her voice. I told her how sorry I had missed the Gala, sorry I did not get the chance to meet Art, Bill, Daisy and Emma. 

“They are the best company in the whole world, you would love them, and they would love you”, she offered as I leaned down to her wheelchair to give her a hug. You see, there was no Gala event last evening, not one we could attend anyway. The party that she attended, the friends she spent the evening laughing and dancing with, have all passed away. Her husband Art, he too, has passed on. But you know  that Gala was in her mind; probably a memory created long ago, that she has never forgotten. Memories. This lady knew the value of “company”, the art of friendship. Obviously those memories  she created “back then” have  stayed with her  all these years….

I wonder how many of the tweets, posts and pins will impact us like that when we are old? Will we sit around the activity room table sharing stories of who we unfriended or what we repinned after we tweeted it out? The peeps that we chill with, will they too be a part of a treasured memory? Hmmmmm……

Last night, Sally was in a good company…..she had a “ball”…….,… Me? I played Spades with a virtual group of card players…I lost terribly…..probably in more ways than I know……………..





4 thoughts on “Got Company?

  1. We can only be freed from the Borg collective one person at a time. Thank God that He is everywhere that each of us is and that He works on us individually. Since God I have entertained God in my life, I have been in good company. It may take God to pry the phone, tablets, and computer mouses from our hands, but He can, and He will.


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