Backspace, Backspace, Backspace

I was steadily typing out a message to a friend when another friend interrupting with ” don’t say that. Say it a different way, that sounds nicer”. I quickly hit the backspace key, erasing my previous thoughts with the stroke of a key. The noise of “chick,chick, chick” could be heard as I “backed over” the words that didn’t sound “nice”. My friend laughed as she heard the clicking noise and said…”that’s right Jessi, backspace, backspace, backspace….

”      Image

Wouldn’t life be so much better for all of us in the human race if  we could backspace the moments before we spoke something hurtful, or erase harshly spoken words before they were heard? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could backspace back into a time when life was simpler, more meaningful and tolerable of allowing us to make different choices…..Choices that we could reflect on would and look upon with regret?

Maybe we would choose to “backspace” moments in our lives, choosing to spend time with our families instead of drinking with our buddies after work. Maybe we would choose to stop being busy and have a tea party with our daughters….Maybe we would skip the football game on TV, and take our son out to the front yard for a game of catch. Maybe we would sit with our aged parents, and just listen to the same story they told yesterday, but laugh right along, on cue, as they beam with pride, recalling it as if it were yesterday.  Maybe we would spend time with our friends instead of racing to the shoe store,itching to use the 2.50 off coupon that expires “tomorrow”.

Life is valuable. Each moment spent can not be recaptured. Our children will grow up and leave home. Our parents will age and one day become forgetful…our friends will slowly fade away, busy with their own set of problems……We should each weigh our choices  daily…making sure we are making the right choices at the right time…..because once it’s done….that moment is forever gone.

Backspace. It is an awesome key on the keyboard, allowing us to correct ourselves before it’s too late. Oh, if only life had such a key…I know I would be hitting it…..backspace, backspace, backspace…………



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