I have a deep love for flying, whether it be suspended on a zip line, jumping out of a plane, free falling on the drop zone at the amusement park or peering from the window of a Boeing 777 at thirty thousand feet. I love the sensation of the take off, the cruising warp speed and the gentle descent….there is something magical about it for me.    

I think my love for flying is also symbolic to how I perceive this gift we are given each day, called life.   There are four basic four forces needed for an airplane to perform as it was designed to. We can apply the same “forces” if you will to every aspect of our lives……follow me here….

Thrust. The very first thing needed to become airborne and to stay airborne is thrust. The rocket engines force all of it’s energy outward and backward, causing the plane to propel forward. It is the power of the force behind the plane, causing it to lift out and soar through the clouds.      How many times in life have we allowed the events of our past form our future?  The things that are behind us; unfortunate circumstances, tragedy or personal issues that molded and shaped the future?  Thrust. Past events that catapult our lives into motion…

Lift. Lift pushes the airplane upward as the air whips around the wings.Air surrounds the airplane’s wings creating the loft effect. The same is true in our own lives. We become what we allow to surround our lives. If we allow negative people or thoughts to encompass us, we become burdened, downcast and heavy hearted.  Not a whole lot of loft in weighted balloons. Yet, if we surround ourselves with positive uplifting people, we carry ourselves as if we are walking on the clouds. They lift us up, never tearing us down. Lift.

Weight. Weight is  important to balance the plane as it glides across the sky. There is an unseen force that pulls the aircraft toward the earth, creating a perfectly balanced machine.    We all have deadlines, priorities, obligations, demands and expectations that we all must balance in life. We all, often feel “pulled” in so many directions, yet if we lead a balanced life with the right priority chain, we will find our lives rewarding. If we don’t, we will become consumed by the weight causing us to spiral out of control.  Balance.

Drag. Have you ever been outside and felt the power of the wind as you try to walk forward? That’s drag. The unseen power that holds us back, slowing us down, yet keeping us on track. Drag does not stop the plane, but it  safely slows it down. When the pilot cuts the speed of the plane, the drag of the oncoming air, slows the plane, so the pilot can safely begin his descent and landing.  As we grow older, we begin to slow down and enjoy more things in life. We don’t feel bothered by the little annoyances in life…..we slow down, smile, and know that we are just passing through in this life. We know that our destination on the other side and “this too, shall pass”. Drag.

Four simple forces.  The four working in sync, allows a piece of aluminum to zip across the world, flawlessly. Imagine how our lives would be if we applied these four forces to our lives. Just imagine the places we go….and how awesome the view would be when we look back on a life well lived…..

Oh and about the word propulsion? Well it caught your attention and it means:

“The noun propulsion came from the Latin prōpellere, “to push away.” The modern meaning of propulsion meaning “the act of moving forward” ” ( Online Dictionary).        Hmmmm…push away….move forward…..

Enjoy your flight.


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