Pass The Plate and Praise The Lord

I read an article about a church that was broken into, to which the robbers stole over 600 thousand dollars. Yes six hundred THOUSAND dollars.  Yes, a CHURCH. Not a hopping nightclub or a sold out rock concert, but a church.  That “offering” of 600 thousand dollars was from two separate services…..UMMMMM, wow and whoa. Now I understand that this “mega church” has close to fifty thousand members, so maybe a bit over half a million for two services is not too shabby. But here is my question. What is the church doing with the money? Where are the countless millions if not billions brought in going? If one mega church can bring in THAT much money in two services, what good is being done for those in need? Wait. Before you get mad at me for “downing” a religious organization, remember that I am a product of the church, born and raised attending every service and function. My father who was the pastor of both itty-bitty churches to those with memberships of over 1500, accounted for every dime that came in the offering plate. We didn’t live on Park Avenue, we lived in the parsonage beside the church. We didn’t have a fancy car. We had a station wagon with the paneling on the sides. We didn’t have designer clothes. My dad didn’t sport a Rolex. We mowed the church grass every Saturday, pulled weeds at the cemetery across the street monthly. We lived a simple life of a preacher’s family. The money that came into our church paid the bills, paid my dad a salary with the rest going to those in need. The “Benevolent Fund” , as they called it was for people who were in crisis. If someones power was being shut off, the church dipped into the fund and paid the bill. If someone was sick, the fund paid their medical bills. When someone passed away, and the family couldn’t afford a headstone, the benevolent committee would vote to buy one. When people didn’t have food to feed their family, money was given to them to go buy groceries. The church was in the business of being just that, the church. It was not a social club of high society rollers who spent their Sunday mornings pre-golf,using the church as a gathering place. It was a place of service, foundation, integrity and doing good. It was a place of hope for the hopeless, strength for the weak and peace for the tormented. Church was about worship of God, and service to others. The church made a difference to all who came.
Now that we have mega churches that boast of their membership roster and have whopping offerings, I wonder what difference they make in their community. Are they busy building bigger buildings to accommodate more people on Sunday mornings? Does the glare from the Pastor’s Rolex bother anyone other than me? Does the massive mansions the pastoral staff live in seem a bit too much to anyone else? Is the Pastor so busy promoting his new line of books that he has forgotten there is really ONLY ONE BOOK needed in the church? Is the Pastor so busy seeking donations for his/her “world missions” projects that he blindly overlooks the homeless men/women sleeping on the sidewalk outside of his church? Does the Pastor notice the kids down the street without proper clothing for the cold weather, but yet is collecting money for the feed the hungry children in Zimbabwe? Hey. don’t get me wrong, I am all for feeding kids around the world, but I think we should start on the street we live on.
All I am saying is, with over 600 thousand coming in for two services, I am thinking this pastor should run for President. He obviously has the ability to bring in boo-koos of money and will be able to pay down the national debt in no time.
I know I am venting here and not blogging about anything noteworthy but I just feel like Sunday morning at some churches are paydays for the pastor. Plain and simple. Pass the plate and praise the Lord. I miss the days of when church was church……The days when it was about caring for one another, bearing one another’s burden and sharing the message of God’s love to everyone. Yeah, it was a simpler time and place….but you know what? We made a difference in every life we touched. We didn’t just pass the plate and praise the Lord; we put food on the plate and showed love and kindness to all who darkened the doors, regardless of need or social status. Times have changed…..funny thing is, God said…” I change NOT.” Hmmmm. Ok, vent over.


4 thoughts on “Pass The Plate and Praise The Lord

  1. Amen. The church is not supposed to be like this. We are sick, and the whole Body is suffering and does not even know it. We are not reaching out as we should, and we hide behind our masks as though nothing is amiss. I thank my Lord Jesus for people like you who are bold enough to proclaim the truth of the hippocrasy which the church exudes to the world. I love my local church body dearly, but God and His work come before even they.


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