The Return on Kindness

When a popular social media platform stock hit the stock market, I dashed online to buy  as much as my budget allowed. I was hoping for a high return on the 38- dollar- per- share….hoping to be the next millionaire. Guess what? I lost money in the first few months, made a dollar or two in the next few months…and am currently maybe showing a ten dollar return on my investment. I will have to wait for that “rainy day”, when I need the initial five hundred dollars back, before I will really know if I made or lost money.

Today while I was sitting at my desk, I received a call from a state agency that is working with us to resolve an issue for one of our residents.We discussed the issue at length, hoping for the best outcome possible.

“I have known you for years, and wanted to thank you for your service to the elderly,” she offered.

Known me for years? As far as I knew, this woman on the other end of the phone was just another state employee, coiling up the miles of red tape as they usually do. Don’t get me wrong, state agencies are wonderful assets to the long tern health care facilities, until you are in need of their services. If you need their assistance, it becomes a marathon of form-filling out causing writers cramp, cross bred with carpal tunnel.

“I’m sorry”, I said. “What was your name again? Have we met before?” I was both a little embarrassed and curious as to who was sitting behind the shiny desk on the other end.

“You and your team took care of my father, Dan Ranson, about 14 years ago. I have never forgotten you, or your staff. I doubt you remember him or me, but I never forgot the kindness and love you showed for my father.”

I sat in silence, not knowing what to say in return. I did not remember her. I could not recall her father. 

“I don’t expect you to remember me. The only reason I mentioned it is because of this case we are working on. I know you and trust your judgment, based on the care you gave dad.” With that, we scheduled our appointment, and ended the conversation.

I went out on the unit and asked co-workers that had worked with me at the facility Mr. Ranson had been in, hoping they would jog my memory. We all stood in a circle, thinking, but were unable to put a face with a name.

“Do you know how many years ago that has been? Do you know how many people we have cared for since then?”, one asked. 

It amazed us all, that she  not only knew us,but  regarded our reputation highly based on the care we gave to man we did not remember. Now that, THAT is a return on an investment. My stock may increase in value, or it may nosedive, but I consider myself extremely blessed. Blessed to remember by someone for being kind.

Kindness costs us nothing, but the return? Priceless.Image



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