McDonalds Warns Employees Against Eating Their Own Food



According to McDonald’s McResource Line (MRL) website, employees are encouraged to say no to eating fast food. This ironic admonishment of a corporation to its employees is reminiscent of how genetically modified organisms (GMO) are not served to Monsanto employees in their company cafeteria. One post on the site reads: “Fast foods are quick, reasonably priced, and readily available alternatives to home cooking. While convenient and economical for a busy lifestyle, fast foods are typically high in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt and may put people at risk for becoming overweight.” The MRL states that fast food contains unhealthy amounts of calories, salt, fat and sugars that leads to medical conditions such as: • Obesity • Diabetes • Heart disease

High blood pressure

The copious amounts of mayonnaise, bacon, cheese and other processed additives are not conducive for a healthy lifestyle and employees are told to choose…

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