Ms. Jo’s Wireless Connection

I was standing at the nursing station today, having a really bad time due to a poor wireless signal. I needed to print something  immediately to a wireless printer, which today, was no easy task. One of the residents, who wanders in and out of the nursing station, sensed my frustration. The conversation went like this:

“What’s wrong baby? You look like you are fit to be tied.”

“This internet connection is just not working today.”

“What kind of connection you say?”

“Wireless”. I felt the need to explain further. “See, what happens is, I have a box in my office called a router, which sends signals to things to make them work right and it allows me to get things done. Make sense, Ms. Jo”, I asked. I could tell by the look on her face she had no clue as to what I was speaking about, and at age 91, it was perfectly understandable.

“Baby, that don’t make no sense. I got one of them wireless connections too.  Mine don’t ever fail. It’s called prayer. I pray to God. My,my…. what did you call it? Route? My route is right to God, and things work out just fine every time.”

With that, she turned around, walked out of the nursing station, leaving me dumbfounded. How cool were her thoughts? At her age, I am sure she has lived through wars, gas shortages, the Great Depression, Presidential Assassinations and a world in constant  turmoil, and yet, she has a better handle on things that I do!

It amazes me at how we as a society have moved into a new  age with all of the technology and advancements of modern science. But you know what I learned today?  Ms. Jo has more wisdom than I do. All of my electronic devices; web-enpowered data, megabyte crunching and devouring machines are no match for her “Wireless Connection”, known simply as prayer and faith in God.  As her generation fades out, I wonder how much of our dependence on our faith, our one nation under God attitude will fade as well. We have come to rely on machines, tablets, phones and satellites for all of our answers. We are not connected to anyone unless we are “connected”, “friended” and retweeted. Ms. Jo on the other hand, she is well connected, is well ‘friended” and she gladly “tweets” each time she speaks about her reliance on Him.

Eventually, my printer coughed, sputtered and began hatching out one sheet of paper at a time. Technology is awesome, but Ms. Jo is right. Her Wireless Connection never fails. Image


2 thoughts on “Ms. Jo’s Wireless Connection

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