It Takes a Village

I am one of the few neighbors in my neighborhood that doesn’t  have any children. However, I help put kids on the bus, and get them off, as other parents have appointments or have to leave for an early morning appointment. I have attended school plays, band concerts, choir performances and a host of other school related activities, applauding and cheering the kids on for a job well done. I even have sat in Principal’s office, waiting to retrieve a child that ” accidently ” got into a fight.  Most of all of the parents in the neighborhood have me on the “okay to call” list, since many of them commute to Washington D. C., which in traffic, could be a two hour ride, on a good day.  

“It takes a village to raise a child”, is an old expression I have heard for many years. Now that I am an active member of “the village”, I see the truth in the adage. I enjoy the role of  “trusted adult” and always try to carry out my role, just as the child’s parent would. 

I was thinking today about the village concept for dementia patients, and how we all, as a community could enhance the quality of life for those in our care. I have found a concept that I love, that would promote the independence of dementia residents everywhere. It’s the Village Weesp, Netherlands . This facility is amazing. I guess I shouldn’t call it a facility, but rather….a village.  

Watch the footage from CNN….it’s just amazing. Just as my little neighborhood village, takes care of one another, this village serves the same purpose, but specifically for dementia patients. This program gives those with dementia self esteem, dignity and enhances the quality of their lives.  

Watch it here:


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