Fearless Generation

I am very saddened by the senseless shooting of Chris Lane. He had merely come to America on a baseball scholarship, to play baseball and to get an education. Instead, his dead body is being shipped back to his native Australia. Three thugs wanting to experience what they considered a fun thing to do, shot him in the back. Cowards. Why?

Why, at age 22, was this young man shot and killed? He was jogging down a street in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is not known for being the murder capital of the world. Chris had jogged by their house ; they decided to follow and shoot him in cold blood. Shoot him in the back. They did not rob him of him. They did not target him for not being American. It was not a hate crime. Fun. They shot him for fun. One of the common thugs stated “we were bored and it seemed like fun to follow and shoot him.” Bored? Fun?

So let me get this straight. Three teenagers, hanging out are bored. Boredom is common teenage thing. No big deal. Looking for fun mischief? That is common too. Killing a man because of boredom and need for “fun” ??? Whoa. What has happened to morals, values, ethics and just plain common courtesy? I am floored.

You know, I think society has gone to hell in a hand basket. All of us have failed. We have become so obsessed with the American dream of always having to have more and more and more, that we no longer teach our own children right from wrong. Go to a mall, watch how children behave, and the parents have no control over them. Listen to how teenagers speak to their parents these days . “Whatever” is a word they use to show their disdain for authority. They are a fearless generation. Parents are afraid of their own children. If we spank them, it is abuse. If we correct their way of thinking, we are not allowing them to “express themselves”. What is is that this generation wants to express to us?

What exactly are they expressing with their pants hanging around their knees? Pull your pants up! No one cares what color your boxers are. Invest in a belt if your pants are too big.

Secondly, what the hell is bling bling??? All those silver chains hanging around your neck? That’s what bling is? Call it what it is, a bunch of dollar store necklaces that are supposed to make you look tough. Maybe you could use of that “bling bling” money and buy a belt for your pants!

Thirdly, speak English. People often post remarks on social media about non-english speaking people needing to learn the language of America if you choose to live here. Have you listened to your own child speak????? ” Yo Yo dawg, we be chillin in da crip later.” What kind of ENGLISH is that? Don’t bash non-english speaking people if your own child can not speak correct english.

Fourthly, wear you hat as is made to be worn. What is so cool about having a sideways hat? To me it appears that you don’t have enough sense to put it on correctly.

Oh how we as a society have failed. Look at the generation I work with. They are all over 70 years of age. They worked. They did not get bored. They did not seek fun. The took care of each other. They fought in wars. They had to kill the enemy in a real war;fighting for the very rights we have today. The right for the thugs to be able to wear sideways hats with their pants falling off their behinds. The generation I care for had values, morals and respect for themselves and those around them. They endured the Great Depression, working their fingers to the bone to survive. Yet, they respected each other. We have lost that today. We have lost respect for humanity. We do not care about one another. We care simply about ourselves. We strive to out-do the guy next to us. We do so at all cost. We fail our children. We fail them by allowing them to disrespect authority and call it “free will and open mindedness”. I call it a failing society.

We write books, blogs, journals and papers on the progress this Country has made. Oh we have made great progress. Look around at the generation behind us. Recently a woman was attacked by five teenagers at a shopping mall in Woodbridge, Virginia. They intended to rob her, but she fought all five. They ran away with nothing, and thank God she only sustained a few bruises. She makes me proud.

I believe the Fearless Generation is the one I care for every day. The ones who would open doors for females, carry heavy items, work hard daily, shake hands upon meeting another, take off his cap when he came inside, stand up when a lady walked into the room, fight for his Country, discpline his children, bow his head to pray, stand when the National Anthem was played, and play baseball with his kids on a Saturday afternoon. They were a fearless Generation.

Baseball. The American sport. Maybe not so much anymore. Certainly not for Chris Lane.


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